As a CFIB member you have exclusivity to the CFIB PrimaSure Plan. Request a quote to find out how easy it is to obtain insurance!

Group Plan

The CFIB PrimaSure plan allows companies of all sizes and budgets to obtain group insurance. Think insurance is too expensive for you? Think again! All companies can find a plan that best suits their needs as well as respects their budgets with our Bronze, Silver and Gold plans. 



With our 3-tier plan, members are able to pick between Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each plan offers additional options that allow us to customize your insurance to your needs. This gives you the options between choosing the basic essentials Bronze plan up to the rich Gold. No matter your budget we have a plan that will work for you.  


Our modular plan is exclusively reserved for companies that are part of the CFIB network. Our team has worked to develop a plan that gives additional benefits that would not be attainable without a CFIB membership. Are you taking advantage of the benefits your membership has to offer? 


Many insurance plans are too expensive for small companies to afford. Our Bronze plan offers a “TRUE PLAN” which most other carriers do not. This low cost plan offers the most essentials and protects yourself and your employees from risk that may threaten your financial security.  


It is not uncommon for premiums to double in a single year due to overuse. Being part of the modular plan protects you from these type of increases and allows our customers to enjoy stable rates. As all members of our modular plan are pooled together, one year of high claims will not result in unaffordable increases that will force you to terminate coverage.

Power in Numbers

Everyone knows that there is strength in numbers. Well, CFIB has 95,000 members which gives them bargaining power that a small employer could never have. The proof is in the pudding. Get a free, no obligation quote today and put us to the test.

Our Plans


Highly Affordable plans providing quality coverage for the most critical needs.

Bronze plans include coverage for a portion of prescription drug costs as well as ambulance and travel insurance.


Intermediate plans offering more comprehensive coverage.

In addition to the coverage included in Bronze plans, Silver plans also include coverage of some medical supplies, paramedical services, as well as eye exams.


Fully-loaded plans offering a larger array of coverage. 

Gold plans cover everything included in Silver plans at a higher reimbursement, as well as vision care and semi-private hospital room coverage.

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