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Health and Hospitalization insurance plans for international students

Peace of mind, even when you’re away from home

Did you know that as a student from a country other than Canada, you are legally required to obtain health insurance coverage? In fact, all international students in Québec are required to have medical and hospitalization insurance equivalent to the Québec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ). In addition, this insurance must be maintained throughout their studies.

The world of insurance is a very complex one and the risks associated with having no or inadequate insurance during your stay in Québec are significant, both financially and personally.

The Student Health Network experts are specialized in Health Insurance for International students like you. By contacting us, you will be sure to obtain the product that best meets your needs. Don’t put it off any longer. Act now!

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The Student Health Network insurance plans are distributed by  Nexim Canada. All Nexim insurance advisors are subject to the regulations of and have licenses issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers

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